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2013 LIVE Updates - USA 1 Mile Road Championships - Official Website

The 2013 USA 1 Mile Road Championships is Tuesday April 23, 2013. RunnerSpace.com and USARunningCircuit.com will be providing on-sight coverage via LIVE text updates and on-demand video.

USARunningCircuit.com | GrandBlueMile.com

Results | Videos | Photos

Event Schedule:

7:15 PM - Women's Championship Race
7:30 PM - Men's Championship Race

7:45 PM - Awards

Times are Central. 

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37 comment(s)
Chris Nickinson
Great races on both sides today. The women had a slight delay at the start with the timing system acting up but they didn't let the cool temps bother them too much. The men got off with no problem. Both Kate Grace and Jeff See seemed to take the race by the horns in the final 400m.

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Full USA 1 Mile championship results are in http://usa-1mile.run...&news_id=130515 #usarc
Top 10
Women's 1 Mile Championship
1 Kate Grace WMEN 4:43.02
2 Sara Hall WMEN 4:43.61
3 Heather Kampf WMEN 4:43.69
4 Sarah Bowman WMEN 4:44.09
5 Gabriele Anderson WMEN 4:44.80
6 Shannon Rowbury WMEN 4:45.39
7 Alice Schmidt WMEN 4:46.15
8 Renee Tomlin WMEN 4:46.73
9 Ashley Miller WMEN 4:50.29
10 Kellyn Johnson WMEN 4:50.74

Men's 1 Mile Championship
1 Garret Heath MEN 4:02.79
2 Jeff See MEN 4:02.91
3 Leonel Manzano MEN 4:03.59
4 Craig Miller MEN 4:03.60
5 Travis Mahoney MEN 4:04.47
6 Miles Batty MEN 4:04.53
7 Liam Boylan-Pett MEN 4:06.11
8 Aj Acosta MEN 4:06.34
9 Tony Filipek MEN 4:08.52
10 Brian Gagnon MEN 4:09.98
Scott Bush
Kate Grace and Garrett Heath are your USA 1 Mile Road Championships winners! #USARC
Garrett Heath is the unofficial winner of the men's USA 1 Mile Road Championship #USARC
Scott Bush
Garrett Heath is the unofficial winner of the men's USA 1 Mile Road Championship race #USARC
Scott Bush
Manzano has a step on the field...here comes the finish... #USARC
Scott Bush
See and Heath now lead, with Manzano leading and Craig Miller still in the race #USARC
Scott Bush
Through 3/4, Gagnon leads with Acosta right behind in 3:07 #USARC
Scott Bush
Through the 1/2 point, the leaders pass through in 2:00.8 #USARC
Scott Bush
Manzano and Heath are still leading, AJ Acosta and Jeff See follow on their heels #USARC
Scott Bush
Through the first quarter mile, the men go through in 61 seconds #USARC
Scott Bush
Leo Manzano and Garrett Heath are out front early
Scott Bush
The men's race is off! #USARC
Scott Bush
A few scratches in the men's race: Matt Tegenkamp and Ryan Martin
Scott Bush
After a slow and tactical women's race, who is the favorite in the men's race is the same type of race unfolds? #USARC
Scott Bush
Top four unofficially: Grace, Hall, Kampf and Bowman-Brown #USARC
Unofficially, Kate Grace wins the USA 1 Mile Road Championships title #USARC
Scott Bush
Unofficially, Kate Grace wins the USA 1 Mile Road Championships title #USARC
Scott Bush
Sara Hall is starting to push, Rowbury on her shoulder
Scott Bush
3:43 for 3/4 mile mark
Scott Bush
This is becoming a sit and kick rate, all the top runners together. The finish is going to be intense!
Scott Bush
2:25.6 through half way point
Scott Bush
A little breezy and cold, 6-8 women are running across the street, feeling each other out early on
Scott Bush
1:12.3 for the first 400m
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