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Catching Up With Matt Tegenkamp

Published by
Scott Bush   May 8th 2013, 6:52pm

Post-Olympic years are always good for transition, as athlete test themselves over different distance, terrains and tweek their training methods for the next four year push. Matt Tegenkamp, who's always been a track runner, is switching things up in 2013. The Portland, Oregon pro ran to a third place effort at the USA Cross Country Championships early on in the season, and is now focusing on road racing a bit.

We quickly caught up with Tegenkamp this week, as he prepares for the USA 25km Championships. See what the two-time Olympian has to say about his current training, his race strategy for this weekend and whether or not he's shifting focus to road racing.

Scott Bush (SB): You've been pretty quiet on the racing front as of late. How's training going for you?

Matt Tegenkamp (MT): I have had my ups and downs but I am happy where I am at. I am getting to have a lot of fun, as I still get to touch the track work but balance it with more volume easier days in between. I have not been nearly as consistent but Jerry has me on a similar plan to what Shalane and Kara did leading into Boston, which seemed to work well!  

SB: The USA 25 km Championships are this weekend. This is the longest race you've done. What is the game plan heading into the race?

It’s a long race. I will find a good steady rhythm early and make the smart decisions as necessary. I can say that I learned my lesson from the 20k last November and will not let anyone get away.

SB: Post-Olympic years are transition years for many athletes. Is the goal to tackle a little more road racing this year compared to track racing?

MT: I will be racing on the road consistently throughout the year in varying distances, but that does not mean track is out of the question.

SB: How motivating is it being part of 'Team Schumacher' right now, with so many of your teammates throwing down some big-time performances?

MT: Jerry has his athletes firing on all cylinders right now and I think we have only scratched the surface.

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3 comment(s)
Scott Bush
It's certainly worth debating. Ritz ran 60:00 and I think Teg can handle the distance perhaps even better. Hopefully he'll stay healthy this year, get in a strong training block and really go after a time later this summer or fall.
Scott Bush
I find this quote telling of his plans over the next year or two: "I have not been nearly as consistent but Jerry has me on a similar plan to what Shalane and Kara did leading into Boston."

If Teg was to run a half-marathon, focusing a good training cycle around it, what do you think he could run? I think he'd go sub-60.
I think Ryan Hall ran the only sub 60 half every by an American born. Sub 60 is a tall order for Teg. I'd guess closer to 1:01-1:02.
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