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Catching Up With Shadrack Biwott

It's been one terrific season for former University of Oregon All-American Shadrack Biwott. Running strong in nearly every race he's run in 2013, Biwott now focuses on the USA Marathon Championships this Sunday, where he plays pre-race favorite and looks to propel himself to the top of the USARC standings.

With two races left in the USARC season, Biwott currently sits third with 32 points, one point behind Mo Trafeh and 28 points behind leader Matt Tegenkamp. While well behind Tegenkamp, a win in Minneapolis this weekend would place him in first heading into the .US National Road Racing Championships on November 17.

We caught up with Biwott this week as he preps for his big marathon, discussing his expectations, what's different in his training compared to 2012 and where he sees himself heading after Sunday's race.

Scott Bush of Runnerspace (RS): With the USA Marathon Championships right around the corner, you're one of the favorites. How are you approaching your race in the Twin Cities?

Shadrack Biwott (SB): Just getting ready by doing every little thing that will allow me to do well in this race. Making sure that I rest up and just trust the training we put in to get me through.

RS: You don't have a ton of marathon experience, with your PR being 2:20. However you've had tremendous success over the half marathon distance. What have you done differently to prepare yourself for the longer distance over the past few months?

SB: First, that 2:20 time didn't really show my potential for the marathon. I didn't have good preparation leading into that race. Since then, I realize that the marathon is not easy, but it can be done if you do the right training and have a coach that knows marathon and have experience. 

The reason I have done well this second quarter of this year is that I found a coach that I can trust and allow him to drive my training. So far it’s proven that the training we are doing is working.

RS: What's your current training situation?

SB: My current training is going very well. I am confident going into races this year more than before. I am based in the Sacramento area and my coach is Matt Lonergan and I am training with Kevin Pool.

RS: You've been incredibly active on the USA Running Circuit this season and current sit third in the standings. How do you feel the racing season has been for you in 2013?

SB: I am happy with the way my racing season has been up to this point. I know that I still have a long way but it’s coming along well. My coach has been great and I can’t thank him enough. He is very good in balancing all the components of training. 

RS: While I am sure you want to wait and see how your body responds after your marathon, do you see yourself racing the .US National Road Racing Championships in November?

SB: That is what’s on our schedule but again for now we are just taking one race at a time. After the marathon me and my coach will talk over and go from there.

RS: Do you see yourself transitioning more to a full-time marathoner in 2014 or will you continue to mix it up, racing frequently and racing anywhere from 10k up to the marathon?

SB: I think that it’s important to mix up distance. Obviously, we are going to do a marathon for sure and then everything else around it.

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