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TF360: A New Season Begins for Ben True

Published by
DyeStatPRO.com   Mar 14th 2014, 5:00pm

Refocused and Ready to Race

By Scott Bush - Click Here for all TF360 Archives

This weekend at the USA 15 km Championships, defending champion Ben True kicks off his season. After an injury sidelined him this past fall, True is back training 100% and building up for what he hopes is a long, healthy and successful season. The 2013 season was quite incredible for the New England native. A sixth place finish at the IAAF World Cross Country Championships led Team USA to a team silver, which propelled True to some amazing performances throughout the season. With a new season in focus, True is ready to get his season underway.

Catching up with True this week, we discussed the start of his season, his current coaching situation, how 2014 will differ to past seasons and a variety of other topics.

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Scott Bush (SB): You've been very quiet the past few months. How's training been going? How are you feeling heading into this weekend's competition at the USA 15 km Championships?

Ben True (BT): Training has been going very well for the last month here in Virginia. I have been quiet on the race front so far as I had to delay training due to an injury this fall and decided against attempting to rush to get back in shape for indoor, and instead take the appropriate slow (and safe) build up for a good outdoor season.

SB: What type of work have you been putting in over the past month or two to prepare for your 2014 season?

BT: Training has really only just started, so we are just working on laying the base work for the outdoor season. This means getting in the miles and longer, "grinding" type workouts. So lots of tempos and slower, longer intervals off short rest.

SB: Your coach, Mark Coogan, recently shifted jobs to working for New Balance. Are you still being coached by Mark or do you have a new coach now? What's your current training situation?

BT: Mark can no longer coach me due to his new affiliation with New Balance. Currently, my training partner, Sam Chelanga, and I are training together and looking at options for new coaches. We have not made any decisions yet, choosing to take our time to explore all possibilities and making sure we find a suitable match.

SB: With World Indoors all wrapped up, it's now officially outdoor season for pro T&F athletes. When might we see you open up your competitive track season?

BT: I have yet to decide where I will "open up" the outdoor season, but plan on getting back on the track sometime in May.

SB: 2014 is a different kind of season, with no Team USA to qualify for outdoors. Will we see you change up your competition schedule and racing distance a bit this year or will it be much of the same we've seen over the past couple seasons?

BT: I will keep the focus this year on the 5k, but will be more picky in which races I compete in, and going after fast times. There may be a few more road races this year and shorter distance races than in years past.

SB: You spent a fair amount of your time working with In the Arena. Could you explain the organization a bit and your involvement?

BT: Yes, In The Arena is a great non-profit organization that uses athletes as role models within their communities to help foster healthy living and positive influence in children. Targeting areas with socio-economic need, In The Arena connects athletes with kids ages 5-18 to provide the kids with positive role models.  

While I am no longer apart of In The Arena, I continue to volunteer my time coaching a middle school XC team in Canaan, NH that I founded under In The Arena's assistance. Please visit In-The-Arena.org for more information about the great organization!

SB: What are your interests and activities you most relish away from the sport?

BT: I always hate these type questions. It's kind of like asking, "so what makes you, you?" and any answer just sounds like a line from a cheap personal ad. Nonetheless, I enjoy good coffee, crusty bread, hanging with friends and living in New England.

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