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2014 Results - USA 15 km Championships

USA 15 km Championships - Official Website

hosted by the Gate River Run

Follow allong below in the comments section of this page for live updates from the 2014 USA 15 km Championships on Saturday, March 15. Race highlights and interviews will be made available for on-demand viewing during the afternoon following the race.

Results below:

Men's Results

1  Ben True 43:03
2  Chris Derrick 43:15
3  Tim Ritchie 43:24
4  Christo Landry 43:58
5  Matt Llano 44:02
6  Chris Barnicle 44:26
7  Jon Grey 44:37
8  Sean Quigley 44:43
9  Stephen Pifer 44:51
10 Jeremy Freed 44:51

Women's Results

1  Shalane Flanagan 47:03
2  Janet Bawcom 49:25
3  Amy Van Alstine 49:50
4  Alexi Pappas 50:06
5  Lindsey Scherf 50:31
6  Katie Dicamillo 50:36
7  Mattie Suver 50:41
8  Meghan Peyton 50:44
9  Alisha Williams 50:45
10 Kellyn Johnson 50:48 

Click here for full results

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33 comment(s)
Scott Bush
Unofficial winning times today: @ShalaneFlanagan in 47:00, @bentrue in 43:04 #USARC
Scott Bush
Congratulations to @ShalaneFlanagan and @bentrue, your 2014 USA 15 km Champions #USARC
Scott Bush
.@bentrue is your 2014 USA 15 km Champion, out kicking Derrick over the final mile, pulling away to the victory #USARC
Scott Bush
.@ShalaneFlanagan breaks the American record, winning the USA 15 km Championships in 47:00 (unofficial) #USARC
Scott Bush
Derrick and True are running stride for stride...less than a mile to go!!! #USARC
Scott Bush
Ritchie is falling off pace, as Derrick & True establish themselves coming off the bridge
Scott Bush
Derrick, True and Ritchie hit the Hart Bridge, with less than two miles to go! #USARC
Ha! I know. First time I've seen her on the roads without them!
Scott Bush
The trio of @CDerrickRun, @bentrue and @TimRitchieWTD hit the 10k mark in 28:52...@MattLlano and Christo Landry are sitting 4-5 #USARC
What's up with no socks for Shalane?
Scott Bush
Who need 'em when you're running that fast :)
Scott Bush
.@ShalaneFlanagan hits mile 7 in 35:08, running her last mile in 5:01 #USARC #inspired
Scott Bush
Flanagan is up by 1:12 over fellow Olympian Janet Bawcom through 10k (hit the split in 31:09) #USARC
Scott Bush
Flanagan is on 46:47 finish pace at the USA 15 km Championships. The American record is 47:15! #USARC
Scott Bush
Derrick, True and Ritchie hit the five mile mark in 23:20 #USARC
Scott Bush
At the half way point in the men's race, @CDerrickRun, @bentrue and @TimRitchieWTD have a 50m lead on the rest of the pack #USARC
Scott Bush
Flanagan hits four miles in 20:02 (ran that mile in 5:04) #USARC
Scott Bush
Men pass through the 5k starting to string out, with @CDerrickRun leading the charge at the USA 15 km Champs #USARC
Scott Bush
Shalane Flanagan hits 5k (1/3 done) in 15:29...on 46:29 pace
Scott Bush
The men pass through mile two in 9:30 (another 4:45 mile) with @MattLlano leading the pack. All the favorites are in the mix #USARC
Scott Bush
In the women's race right now, Shalane leads by 15+ seconds, @JanetRuns sits in second by herself and a large pack follows #USARC
Scott Bush
Jman...there isn't unfortunately.
Scott Bush
A strong pack of men pass through the mile in 4:45, with last year's runner-up Bobby Curtis leading the way #USARC
Scott Bush
.@ShalaneFlanagan continues to lead the women's race, passing through two miles in 9:52 #USARC
Will play for about 10 secs then freeze.
The Channel 4 live stream is garbage! Any other broadcasts of the race?
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