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TF360 - Kara Goucher's Big Transition - Part II

Published by
RunnerSpace.com/Pro   Mar 20th 2014, 11:59pm

Training, Sponsors, Connecting with Fans and the Journey

By Scott Bush - Click Here for all TF360 Archives

In Part I of our interview with Kara Goucher, we talked a great deal about her move to Boulder and what the transition has been like for her. In Part II, we discuss Kara's shift in training this season, her sponsorship situation, connecting with fans and the journey she's been on since turning pro over a decade ago. It's an exciting time for Kara and we're excited to see how 2014 unfolds for her.

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SB: Through our discussion, you’ve mentioned 150s and 2k repeats, would it be fair to say you’re doing more speedwork?

KG: Yeah, definitely. When Mark, Heather and I all started talking, they were very honest with me and told me they think I needed to drop down my mileage for a while and get my speed back. That was part of the agreement. I come back but give them a good chunk of this year to work on my speed and see what I can get back.

Obviously I have faith in them and I have faith in what we’re doing, and I am already seeing progress, but obviously we’ll see come the USA Championships this June if it actually comes around. I feel it’s going to happen, but we’ll see.

SB: You've launched a new website and it seems as thought you've ramped up your social media communication with your fans. Is this a rebranding of Kara Goucher?

KG: For me it’s about communicating with people. For years people have asked me to start a website, get on Twitter, post more, but I never felt I had enough time. When I was injured this summer, I decided it was time. It was more like a project and something I’ve wanted to do for a while. I really like being able to communicate with the general runner.

Moving to the marathon it exposed me to the every day runner. When you are on the track you don’t get to know them, but when you do the marathon you are around them a lot. It’s funny, before I would think about what I wanted to do after running and I just didn’t really know. Now I have more ideas of what I want to do. There is such a big community out there and I want to stay a part of it.

SB: You’ve been a free agent. Has not having the support of a shoe company influenced your training at all?

(editor's note: this interview was conducted before Kara signed with Oiselle)

KG: I have plenty of running gear. People are giving me stuff to test out and try out. I want to wrap it up sooner rather than later. I just want to be passionate about the company I am working with. It’s been fun though getting to see other companies. I was with Nike for twelve and a half years and never even spoke with another company before.

It’s funny. I’ve never been a free agent. Every time when my contract came up for renewal, there was never a reason to leave Nike. It just made sense to stay. This time around, I wasn’t trying to make a big statement, it just happened to be the right time for me to find out what else was out there.

SB: With getting back to speed this year, back on the track, is the marathon still your focus for 2016?

KG: Yes, the marathon is my primary focus absolutely. But I’ve run seven marathons and every single one has been strategic and tactical. If I want to make another Olympic team and establish myself as a contender, I need to run faster. I can’t run faster in the marathon until I can just run faster in general.

SB: You’ve moved from Portland where you’ve had every resource at your fingertips. How else has Boulder affected your training?

KG: You know, when I graduated from Colorado I thought I would run for Mark forever. So it shocked me when I moved on. And I thought the same thing with Alberto. Then I had to leave. So when I came on with Jerry, who was so supportive and so inspiring, I told myself I would never run for someone else again. Then I changed coaches again and something I never thought I’d do. But you have to truly know what makes you happy.

From the outside looking it, it was why would I ever leave Nike. But I am happier here. I’ve learned so much about myself along the way and learned I need to be back here after all. I don’t regret anything and come back to Mark as a more confident and accomplished athlete.

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