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Catching Up With USARC Leader Mattie Suver

Not Every Star Runner Has a Restaurant Named After Them

By Scott Bush

It's been a busy first half of 2014 for Mattie Suver. As a member of the American Distance Project in Colorado Springs, Suver continues to define herself as one of the top road runners in the United States, earning four top seven finishes on the USA Running Circuit this season, including third place finishes at the USA Cross Country Championships and USA 25 km Championships. In addition, she competed for Team USA at the IAAF World Half Marathon Championships, where she helped guide the U.S. squad to a fifth place team finish with her 36th place individual finish.

Coming off of a sixth place finish at the Garry Bjorklund Half Marathon two weeks ago in Duluth, Minnesota, where she finished in 1:12:57, Suver now sets her sights on the USA 10 km Championships in Atlanta. The former University of Oregon All-American currently leads the USARC standings with 29 points, a slight lead over fellow 10k competitors Kellyn Johnson and Sara Hall. Suver finished fourth in last year's edition and seeks an even better finish this time around. 

We caught up with Suver coming off her half marathon, talking about recovery, the race ahead, her 2014 season and if there is really a restaurant named after her. 

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Scott Bush (SB): The USA 10 km Championships are this coming weekend in Atlanta. How are you feeling heading in? Are you good to go after your half marathon less than two weeks ago in Duluth?

Mattie Suver (MS): I'm feeling fully recovered and ready to go heading into the USA 10 km champs. I am looking forward to getting back to the Road Racing Circuit again and am excited for a great race this weekend at Peachtree! There are some fantastic girls in the race and it should be good competition all around.

SB: The 10k distance is a dip down in distance for you. Is there any specific work you try to put in leading up to the race that prepares you for the speed you need?

MS: We did a pretty solid 8 x 1k workout recently, and 15 x 600 to help get ready for this. I raced several shorter distances leading up to Grandmas 1/2 marathon, and my coach, Scott Simmons, has made sure we are getting in plenty of quicker workouts along with the longer strength work to prepare me for the speed I'll need in the shorter race. 

SB: You currently lead the USARC standings. How are you feeling about your season up to this point and what are the expectations moving forward?

MS: I am happy with my season thus far, and am looking to continue improving with the USA 10km champs and the 7mile champs a few weeks later. My training has been going well, and I am looking forward to some great races this season and into the fall.

SB: Trying not to look too far ahead, any plans to run a fall marathon again? You dropped a significant amount of time off your PR in NYC last November, but you have to be eyeing even faster times, right?

MS: I have not decided on my fall plans yet. I am definitely eyeing much faster times in the marathon and know I have a lot more in me, but I am not sure if I will run another marathon as soon as this fall, or if I will wait until next year. 

SB: You race a lot of road races. Are there one or two races that really stand out to you?

MS: I really enjoy racing on the roads. There are so many fantastic races out there and I am very thankful and appreciative to all the race directors/elite coordinators for their hospitality and support of myself and other American distance runners. I have so many favorites, it's difficult to pick just one or two, but one that stands out is the Gate River 15K hosted by Richard Fannin. My teammates and I look forward to and talk about this race all year long. I also love the NYRR events. David, Jane, Sam and the rest of the crew always do such a fantastic job and make the races extremely memorable and special for the runners.

SB: Last question...is it true there's a restaurant named after you in Nevada? What's the story behind that?

MS: It is true. The restaurant is called Mattie's Bar ‘n’ Grill, and it is located in Elko, NV. My uncle Scott named the restaurant after me when I was six years old. I used to work there most summers throughout college as a waitress and still love to go back whenever I get a chance. It's an Elko favorite with a unique, hometown feel, updating the newspaper menu monthly. My mom is in charge of the menu and marketing, so it may be a little biased, but I am in it quite a bit. I truly appreciate that the folks at Mattie's and the Elko community follow and support my running. 

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